A Typical Yoga Class with Jenny
A typical yoga class will flow like this:

Opening Savasana - you lie on your mat for a short relaxation to open the class. Keying into your breathing.

Sitting for an opening mantra  - Jenny will open the practice with a short mantra. You may be given oportunity to join, should you wish to.

Warm-ups -  We'll start to warm up the joints and muscles in preperation for asana (postures) practice.

Sun Salutations - This dynamic part of the practice builds heat in the body, gets us moving with our breath, gets our hearts pumping, and further warms the muscles and joints before we move to the deeper stretches.

Standing sequence - Spending longer is asanas to get deep into the stretch. Here, for example, we practice standing forward bends, warrior postures, triangle postures, standing balances.

Seated sequence - Seated forward bends, twists, seated balances, or arm balances.

Lying sequence - leg stretches, hip openers, back bends.

Inversions and finishing asanas - starting to slow down. Pranayama (breathing techniques) may be taught here.

Closing savasana - lying back on your mat for deep relaxation, to allow your body to receive the benefits of the practice.

Sitting for closing mantra - Jenny will close the class with a mantra.

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